A targeted discussion aimed at shifting the conversation on youth, crime, and justice.

With the increasing media and public discourse around 'tough on crime' and responses that silence the drivers of crime while ignoring evidence-based responses; we want to know what is truly happening for young people and how we can better support them to thrive! Through this discussion we hope to shed light on what alternatives to punitive justice could look like for youth. The Truth about our Youth provides insights from people who work with youth, justice experts, and people with lived experience.

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The Event

In September 2023, we hosted the Ian Elliott Memorial Justice Speaker Event, which brought together a number of guest speakers and panellists together with a live community of allies and advocates for youth justice. In a full auditorium, we heard  from people who work with youth, experts, and people with lived experience. The kōrero was rich with insight and put down an inspiring challenge - our young people deserve better, we must make it so! 

This event was kindly supported by the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation.

Dean Wickliffe

Dean Wickliffe (Te Arawa) is one of the longest serving prisoners in this country. His journey through this country’s penal and criminal justice system began in 1963 as a 15 year old in a Child Welfare institution.

Tā Kim Workman

Robert Kinsela - Kim Workman (KNZM, QSO) of Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa and Rangitaane is a retired public servant, whose career spans roles in the Police, the Office of the Ombudsman, State Services Commission, and the Department of Māori Affairs.

Panel conversation

Featuring Dr Claire Achmad (Deputy Chief Children’s Commissioner), Dr Enys Delmage, Wasa Ali (ZEAL), Aaron Hendry (Voyce Whakarongo Mai), Corrina Thompson (Pillars) and hosted by Janaye Henry

The Report

In the coming months, we will be releasing a report that focuses on youth crime. This report incorporates expert analysis of evidence and statistics, insights from young people who have first hand experience with our justice system, and discussions pertaining to ram raids, the media and much more. This report will shed light on the drivers of youth crime, our current approach to youth offending, and identify how we can do better through evidence based approaches.

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Some truths

All young people are shaped by the society and the communities they grow up in, but they are not finished products - they are still learning, growing and becoming.

All young people deserve the support they need to grow and to thrive, regardless of their backgrounds, their family history or the mistakes they may make along the way.

All young people are full of potential and are worthy of the opportunity to fulfil that potential.

Akatea's story

Block Baby is a raw and honest track created by Akatea Callaghan, a young artist from Naenae. Akatea has been experimenting and creating his own music for several years but yet to find the success he’s looking for. Block Baby is Akatea’s story. It is raw, vulnerable, unapologetic and an absolute banger. It captures a small glimpse of Akatea’s journey growing up in Naenae, enduring the hardships life threw at him and becoming the exceptional tāne he is today. He presents his story as it should be told; through his eyes and with his words.